Flavours of Indonesia

We all know that Indonesia is a land of diverse cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and, most importantly, an array of enak culinary delights. Let SHATEC bring Indonesian cuisine closer to you today! Learn to choose the right ingredients that will complement each other well, master the right techniques, perfect your presentation while gaining cultural insights here.

What could be better than learning to create authentic regional specialities from our SHATEC alumnus, Chef Rafi Suhairi? Conveniently located next to Orchard Boulevard MRT station, you can pick up a few tips and tricks through hands-on training in preparing popular dishes such as Nasi Liwet Bandung, Rujak Uleg, and Serabi Bogor. Join us for a fun and informative culinary workshop this July and August!


Flavours of Indonesia


Upcoming Workshops:

Regional Specialities (6 July)
Sambal Sensations: Exploring Chili Pastes (13 July)
Streetside Bites: Indonesian Street Eats (20 July)
Indulgent Sweets: Delightful Desserts (27 July)
Sweet Temptations: Indonesian Dessert Delights (3 August)


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