The Essence of Water

About This Course

Water is not just a beverage you take before or after food. There is so much more to water than we think.

Do you know that we can pair water with food and wine?


Course duration: 4 hours
In-Person Training


Session: Half-Day: 9am – 1pm

Who Should Attend

This course is beneficial to hobbyists, new entrants and/or existing staff performing F&B roles.

What You’ll Learn

This course aims to provide you with the essential knowledge of the different categories of water.

You will also be exposed to the essential factors that are crucial for water appreciation.

Course Outline

The course covers the following contents:

  • Categories of water – Natural Mineral Water, Carbonated Water, Distilled/Purified Water, Tap Water
  • Singapore Water – 4 main sources
  • History of Sembawang Hot Spring
  • Mineral content for health and nutrition
  • HORECA – Glassware, service, presentation & temperature, packaging, storage & expiry, reading labels, Nordaq / Soda Stream
  • Tasting of 8 types of Still and Sparkling Waters
  • Water and cheese; Water and wine pairing

Course Structure

  • Methodology

    Theory and hands-on

  • Assessment

    Not Applicable

  • Certificate

    Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a Certificate of Participation.

Course Fees

Full Course Fee Incl. 9% GST S$ 196.20
1,2,4,6 Nett Course Fee Payable after SSG Grant, incl. GST (Singaporeans/PRs/Long Term Visit Pass Plus Holders ≥ 21 years old) Not applicable
3, 6 Nett Course Fee Payable after MES Grant, incl. GST (Singaporeans ≥40 years old) Not applicable
6, 7 Nett Course Fee Payable for SMEs, incl. GST Not applicable

5Absentee Payroll

Not applicable

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