Flavours of Indonesia

This course is designed to provide an immersive experience in Indonesian cuisine, highlighting the diversity and richness of its culinary traditions. Participants will learn to prepare regional specialties, master the art of sambals, explore popular street foods, and create indulgent desserts. Each session offers hands-on cooking, cultural insights, and detailed recipes.   Enjoy a 20%… Continue reading Flavours of Indonesia

Liu Shifu’s Kitchen Series

The workshop aims to equip participants on how to prepare and cook homecooked dishes. Participants will also get to learn the techniques in making the homely food for their loved ones. By the end of the workshop, participants will also be equipped with the basic knife skills and cooking techniques for Chinese cuisine.   Enjoy… Continue reading Liu Shifu’s Kitchen Series

SHATEC Star Series

The SHATEC Star Series features more than ten sessions led by accomplished chefs, each focusing on different culinary specialties ranging from desserts to savoury dishes. Participants will engage in hands-on cooking sessions where they will learn the techniques and recipes necessary to recreate these dishes at home. Through interactive demonstrations and guidance from experienced instructors,… Continue reading SHATEC Star Series

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